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(swedish title JÄSNINGEN)

We shape the ideals and the ideals creates us, but who decides the correct model? A short cinematic drama on human identity taking place at a clinic for transformation to the prevailing norm “Peer”, featured by Pierre Bjorkman, who suffers from Down Syndrome and is a member of the Moomstheatre, a group of professional actors with disabilities. Pierre Bjorkmans’ character in the film, as in reality, is an altogether friendly, warm, funny, creative and above all, enjoying person.
It is important to emphasize that Pierre Björkman plays a role, not only the acts himself, even if the starting point is his own person. He has a number of other people beside him and together they engineer a different kind of drama, a serious and absurd story with much humour that reflects the trends in our society.

All participants in the voluntary clinic are formed using the same template and here a good and handsome person is more associated with pleasure, both for body and soul. Why exercise when you can lie down and eat chocolate in bed and think pleasant thoughts? In our film everyone wish to be like The Peer. We travel through the corridors inhabited by aspirants, more or less Peer-similar individuals. Peeris is they who have risen through the ranks and take care of treatments. The camera stops in different "treatment rooms" where peer-promotion activities are going on. Most participants have bald heads and more or less patterned, colorful clothes. Those who have not reached so high in their development have less color and pattern. The unsuccessful aspirant Pelle is entirely gray in contrast to the successful Baby who manage to graduate. The film has no dialog. Instead, music and enhanced sound effects along with the picture, slowly make the audience aware of the contents of the film.

In today's western, and for that matter even oriental society, we are operating us into a "normal" appearance. We lengthen or shorten legs and in the more extreme cases, opererate our faces to look like someone else. We remove and add to an absurd degree. "Someone" directs us, telling us how to be and appear, to be a good and beautiful person. In relation to who and what? These issues are reflected in the short film Fermentity and by simply turning everything upside down and inside out, we challenge the general prevailing values. We use gender, physical abnormality / obesity and mental disability in order to say something about the existing hierarchy in the contemporary world.